For over thirty years…


ExtraTech Systems has designed and manufactured motion control technology for thousands of CNC applications across North America and into Europe. Working exclusively with OEM's and high-volume users, our technology provides cost-effective, powerful, and flexible solutions for motion automation.


With an emphasis on affordable but highly innovative solutions for production machinery, typical machine applications include sheet cutting, lathe, marking & engraving, rotary tube cutting, and more. In certain instances we tailor the product to fit our client's specific needs.

If you're an OEM searching for a motion controller of a caliber seen on these pages, and are seeking a relationship with a trusted supplier, please feel free to let us know if there’s something that we can do for you.


Motion Controllers

Intelligent, state-of-the-art, multi-function, multi-axis, programmable motion controllers and interface hardware are our specialty. 

Depending on your application, we can support up to fourteen axis, use of steppers or servos, on-board amplifiers or remote-third party, inputs & outputs, network communications, and HMI interface.



  • Coreo CAD/CAM Software Suite. A complete platform or A-la-carte, Coreo includes CAD, Tool-Pathing, Tool Operation, and ancillary Utilities.

  • Utility software to configure your ExtraTech Motion Controllers, optimizing functionality to fully support your unique machine characteristics.



ExtraTech also designs and manufactures our own peripheral components, exclusively for use with ExtraTech Motion Controllers.

Primary products include:

  • A Robust Hand-Held Pendant

    • For Machine Monitoring & Control

  • Remote I/O Modules

    • For Distributed Machine Architectures