Core 8.2

Core 8.2 is the crucial element between firmware and the Coreo software that truly drives the user interaction of the machine. Designed from the ground up, specifically for multi-technology cutting machines, CORE 8.2 is our most highly developed Init File to date. CORE 8.2 focuses on efficiency for the user, as well as the overall quality and reliability of the process execution.


New Infrastructure:

  • Named Parameter Tables

    • Better Organization of Machine Settings

    • Unit Specification, with Automatic Conversion

      • Distance, Speed, Acceleration, etc.

    • Easy User Access to Individual Tables

  • Motor / Drive Exist as Separate Concept from Logical Motion Axes

    • Single Container Includes:

      • Scale

      • Kinematics

      • Ranges

      • Homing

      • Other Motor-Related Parameters

    • Easier, more reliable mapping and un-mapping of Drives to application use.

      • Now via the Service Menu

  • Machine User Interface via Browser

    • Setup (Parameters)

    • Status

    • Operator Run

    • Multiple Simultaneous Browser Instances

Fundamental Framework Features:

  • Eight Logical Motion Axes

  • Fourteen Drives, w/ Support for Additional Units

  • Homing Standardized for, and Shared by, All Cutting Tools

  • Running Jobs

    • DNC

    • Replay

    • Pause

  • Support Multiple Tool Technologies:

    • Router

    • Knife

    • Laser

    • (Others)

  • Cutting Tool Utilities:

    • Instantiations of Specific Devices

    • Load / Unload

    • Activate / Deactivate


Additional Benefits:

  • Real-Time Positional Display on Pendant

  • Utility & Maintenance:

    • Faster, intuitive I/O diagnostics. Displays DCN-to-Pin Number info.

    • Easily map Device Control Numbers via the KDM20G Pendant or Browser.

    • Machine Updates:

      • Easier- Automatic module storage.

      • System Backup prior to update. Supports System roll-back.

      • Change parameters using the Service Menu. No need for parameter number, or re-boot.