Core 8.2

ExtraTech Systems is very pleased to announce the release of our most highly developed Init File ever: CORE 8.2.  After years of research and development, incorporating our client's top priorities, CORE 8.2 is an impressive product, designed from the ground up specifically for multi-technology cutting machines.  The Core 8.2 product focuses on efficiency for the user, as well as the overall quality & reliability of the process execution.  

A summary of features includes:


Fundamental Framework Features:

  • Eight Logical Motion Axes
  • Fourteen Drives, w/ Support for Additional Units
  • Homing Standardized for, and Shared by, All Cutting Tools
  • Running Jobs
    • DNC
    • Replay
    • Pause
  • Support Multiple Tool Technologies:
    • Router
    • Knife
    • Laser
    • (Others)
  • Cutting Tool Utilities:
    • Instantiations of Specific Devices
    • Load / Unload
    • Activate / Deactivate

Additional Benefits:

  • Real-Time Positional Display on Pendant
  • Utility & Maintenance:
    • Faster, intuitive I/O diagnostics.  Displays DCN-to-Pin Number info.
    • Easily map Device Control Numbers via the KDM20G Pendant or Browser.
    • Machine Updates:
      • Easier- Automatic module storage.
      • System Backup prior to update.  Supports System roll-back.
      • Change parameters using the Service Menu.  No need for parameter number, or re-boot.

New Infrastructure:

  • Named Parameter Tables
    • Better Organization of Machine Settings
    • Unit Specification, with Automatic Conversion
      • Distance, Speed, Acceleration, etc.
    • Easy User Access to Individual Tables
  • Motor / Drive Exist as Separate Concept from Logical Motion Axes
    • Single Container Includes:
      • Scale
      • Kinematics
      • Ranges
      • Homing
      • Other Motor-Related Parameters
    • Easier, more reliable mapping and un-mapping of Drives to application use.
      • Now via the Service Menu
  • Machine User Interface via Browser
    • Setup (Parameters)
    • Status
    • Operator Run
    • Multiple Simultaneous Browser Instances