Coreo Build



Coreo Build is part of a well thought out experience, that is streamlined for efficiency, concisely applying parameters and tool paths to CAD drawings, converting them to machine-ready CAM files. The user can manage multiple jobs, tools, and processes, using standard software parameters and industry terms to preview, execute, and control projects. Easy operator interface, intelligent shape, and material process libraries, easy adjustments, auto tool paths, and advanced processing all support a quick ramp up and efficient operation.


The Operator Screen

Coreo Build's very simple user interface focuses on only presenting the options relevant to the current step in the workflow, which may be especially important for someone who already has their hands full with the task of running their machine, or their business; or for someone that just wants to work fast and be productive. Build keeps it simple by presenting a clean, efficient interface.


Parametric Shape Library: Just enter the dimensional data for common shapes and they're automatically created for you. Make it ready for cutting by easily assigning one of your predefined Processes, and you're done!

Shared Layer Mapping: Use Coreo Design to map Layer/Color/LineType/Pen/Tool to the cut process, allowing Build to then convert CAD to CAM with only a few mouse clicks.

Unified Workflow and Material-Library: Coreo Build provides the same user experience and work flow for all types of machines.  Differences between plasma, water jet, and laser are standardized, and general options are identical throughout Build.

Nesting And Yield

Build's random nesting engine supports multi-core processor systems, delivering fast computational speed and impressive sheet yield.

Machine-Specific Tools

Water Jet: Advanced Cut-Quality-Calculator integrates complex water jet math algorithms into Build, allowing the user specify the water jet process parameters using standard terminology, such as Edge-Quality, Max-Back-Wash, and others. The algorithms calculate the appropriate settings needed to achieve the desired cut quality for the material in use. If the user readjusts any parameters, the settings are automatically recalculated to maintain optimal performance.

Laser: Build expands on a laser's unique ability to render a raster image by allowing the user to easily combine it with a vector image. Moreover, the integrated file can then be processed by Coreo's powerful nesting engine to deliver optimum sheet yield. 

Plasma: Coreo Build can identify circles that would benefit from being cut using Hypertherm's True Hole(TM) technology. It then automatically assigns the circle to that process and thereby optimizes the cut quality.