Coreo Command



Efficiency, velocity-to-market, and productivity culminate in Coreo Command. Command processes CAD / CAM files and works in concert with ExtraTech's Motion Controllers to administer the cutting tool. Whether routing, working with laser, water jet, or plasma, in Command, the customer's challenges are manifested into your success.  


The Operator Screen

Command benefits the user with the same simplicity seen in Build. It focuses only on the options relevant to the current step in the work flow, keeping it simple and presenting a clean, efficient interface.


Coreo Command provides support for:

  • Job Queue Interface

  • Use of Barcode

    • Track Jobs and/or Materials

  • Material Processing

  • Job Run Time Estimation

    • Incorporates Data Feedback from Controller

  • Job History

Running a job

Command enables users to easily:

  • Preview and step through jobs prior to execution

  • View real-time job progress

  • Graphically restart within the job file


Workflow efficiency.  Machine Operators can make last minute adjustments to parameters in order to accommodate a possible need for tweaks or tuning, thus eliminating the need to send the work file back through the design or engineering process, and instead being productive immediately.