Coreo Design



Coreo Design is a CAD-based creation environment that enables the artist to maintain focus on their vision while generating work with ease.  Start with a clean slate, or build on an existing design.  Get to know the broad pallet of resources for rendering, importing, and seamlessly advancing workflow.  Then be prepared for success.

Coreo Design includes a complete set of tools for creating & editing graphics, managing and using text & fonts, and expediting production.


Production Tools:

  • Designate & Embed Production Parameters

  • Save and Reuse Material Configurations

  • Support both Raster and Vector Laser Operations

  • Seamless interface with other drawing & graphic packages

  • "One Click" Processes import files and clean up work

  • Multiple Vector Fill Patterns

  • Map file characteristics to the cut process, efficiently establishing cut specifications early in the work flow.

Other Graphics Tools:

  • Creating and Editing Shapes & Objects

  • Node Editing for Vectorized Graphics

  • Ability to Import Stroke Widths (CMX, CMF, AI, and EPS)

  • A Wide Array of Import & Export Filters

text and font tools:

  • Over 100 Single and Multi-Line Engraving Fonts

  • True Type, Open Type, Autocad SHX, and Adobe PFB Fonts

  • Utilities to Help Categorize and Group Fonts

  • Full Text Presentation Control (Height, Spacing, etc.)

  • Fit to Open and Closed Paths, Inside, Outside, and Through a Path, and Select Start Position

When the art is finished, the completed work is ready to be transported to Coreo Build where, among other things, it's converted to tool paths, ultimately for use by the cutting instrument.