Coreo for routers

Coreo offers valuable capabilities for three and five axiz routers, as detailed in the individual module descriptions, below.


COREO Design:

Creating and Editing Shapes & Graphics
Node Editing for Vectorized Graphics
Ability to Import Stroke Widths (CMX, CMF, AI, and EPS)
More Than 65 Import/Export Filters, Including AI, EP, and DXF
Font Creator, Editor
Complete Text Tools, with 100+ Engraver Fonts
Scaling & Sizing
Fitting & Alignment

Coreo Build:

Build Basic:

Easy four step process: import, tool path, nest, output
Importing of a single CAD file or built-in shape
Material process library for easy assignment of cutting parameters
Job layout on one material, two processes per job and one process per contour
Block shape nesting
Importing of multiple CAD files and/or built in shapes into a single job
Unlimited materials and processes per job and multiple processes per contour
Job run time estimation and quoting
Seamless integration with Coreo Command

Build Pro:

Includes Build Basic features, above.
Importing of DWG files
Material sheet inventory and remnant tracking with labeling
Random shape nesting and/or common-line and chain cutting



Coreo Connect supports your system architecture with:



  • Discovery of machines on local network
    • Also setup offline connections
      • Import Configuration Files
  • Easy Setup of Connection
    • Provides a tree view of connections
    • Status info readily available
  • Machine/connection status indicators
    • Diagnostics to troubleshoot a connection issue

Application Launcher

  • Quick Launch to Start:
    • Design
    • Build
    • Command
    • Report
  • Easily manage license files