Optimized motor drive technology for a compact controller with four (4) motor drives and a modest amount of I/O.

Mid-sized coordinated motion projects such as CNC’s, Delta Robots, or Polar Robots are handled readily with the high performance M3564 Advanced Motion Controller, which is Ethernet-enabled, includes integrated I/O and integrated stepper motor drives.  Users can directly connect four (4) NEMA 17, 23, or 34 stepper motors, each assigned to either of four axis of motion and energized by high-capacity drives.  Moreover, motion profiles & programs are processed with ease and velocity, thanks to the uCito-based processor technology. 

key features:

  • Up to Four (4) Axis of Motion, with On-Board Motor Drives

  • Advanced, uCito-based Processing and Motion Control Functionality

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • Seven (3+2+2) Discrete Outputs, One (1) Analog Output

  • Seven (7) Discrete Inputs, One (1) Analog Input

Supported motion:

  • Coordinated Motion

  • Linear, Circular, and Smooth-Curve Interpolation

  • Linear and S-Curve Accelerations

Drives and Axis of Motion:

  • Four (4) Motor Drive Connections

  • Each of Four (4) Selectable Logical Axis Include:

    • Each is software configurable from 1.0 to 5.0 Amps

    • 16-64 level Microstepping(up to 12,800 steps per rev on 1.8 degree motor)

    • Main Bus Over-Voltage & Under-Voltage Protection

    • Over Temperature Protection

    • Phase-to-Phase & Phase-to-Ground Short Circuit Protection

    • Each drive can be software linked to any of the four axis of motion.

    • Directly runs NEMA 17, 23 or 34 frame stepper motors

    • Diagnostics, for Testing Wiring and Motors

    • Active air flow assures cooling; (external discharge recommended)

Inputs and outputs, on-board Industrial:


  • Three (3) NPN Pulse Width Modulated Outputs

    • Suitable for 12-24V Solenoids or Relays, Directly

  • Two (2) Solid State Relays

  • Two (2) Mechanical Relay (Dry Contacts)

  • One (1) 10-bit 0-10VDC Analog Output


  • Seven (7) Discrete Inputs

    • Suitable for homing (datum), over travel, pause, etc.

  • One (1) 10-bit 0-6VDC Analog Input

Emergency Stop Application

  • Two (2) Emergency Stop Inputs

  • Pendant-Mounted Emergency Stop Button

The M3521 Advanced Motion Controller


  • Ethernet TCP/IP -- 10/100 Mb

  • Two EIA-232 Host Ports

    • Keypad / Pendant Interface

    • Host Interface

  • MODBUS Expansion Port

  • MODBUS® Compatible Communications via EIA-485

Software Support:

The M3564 can be programmed and driven by a wide variety of languages, including very elementary ones like BASIC. Or, the unit can be programmed with a specifically designed, commercial-off-the-shelf package in ExtraTech’s powerful Coreo platform.  Among other features, Coreo allows easy programming of coordinated motion, multiple types of interpolation, and sophisticated accelerations.


  • Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 6cm (7.5 x 7 x 2.4in)

  • Power Input:

    • 24-48VDC for Motor Drives

Specialty connections:

  • Three (3) Motor Drive Headers -

    • Inputs / Outputs:

      • One (1) Step and Direction

      • One (1) “Enable” Output

      • One (1) “Fault” Input

      • One (1) Encoder Input

    • Communications

      • MODBUS® Compatible

      • Proprietary: Teknic® or Yaskawa®


If you're an OEM seeking a motion controller of a caliber seen on this page, have an annual usage of over 50 units, and are seeking a relationship with a trusted supplier with more than 25 years industry experience, please feel free to contact us and let us know if there’s something that we can do for you.