Mid-sized coordinated motion projects such as CNC’s, Delta Robots, or Polar Robots are handled readily with the high performance M3568 Advanced Motion Controller, which is Ethernet-enabled, includes integrated I/O and on-board high-capability stepper motor drives.  Users can directly connect four NEMA 17, 23, or 34 stepper motors, each assigned to either of four axis of motion and energized by high-capacity drives.  The multiple EIA communications ports connect operator interface devices, a hand-held pendant, or other similar ancillary equipment.

key features:

  • Up to Four (4) Axis of Motion, with On-Board Motor Drives

  • Advanced, uCito-based Processing and Motion Control Functionality

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • Two (2) EIA Communication Ports

  • Seven (2+3+2) Discrete Outputs

  • Thirteen (11+2) Discrete Inputs

  • One (1) Analog Input

Supported motion:

  • Coordinated Motion

  • Linear, Circular, and Smooth-Curve Interpolation

  • Linear and S-Curve Accelerations

Drives and Axis of Motion:

  • Four (4) Motor Drive Connections

  • Each of Four (4) Selectable Logical Axis Include:

    • Each is software configurable from 1.0 to 5.0 Amps

    • 16-64 level Microstepping(up to 12,800 steps per rev on 1.8 degree motor)

    • Main Bus Over-Voltage & Under-Voltage Protection

    • Over Temperature Protection

    • Phase-to-Phase & Phase-to-Ground Short Circuit Protection

    • Each drive can be software linked to any of the four axis of motion.

    • Directly runs NEMA 17, 23 or 34 frame stepper motors

    • Diagnostics, for Testing Wiring and Motors

    • Active air flow assures cooling; (external discharge recommended)

Inputs and outputs, on-board Industrial:


  • Two (2) Discrete PNP Outputs, 24VDC

  • Three (3) Discrete NPN Outputs (Two w/PWM Capability)

  • Two (2) Mechanical Relay (Dry Contacts)


  • Eleven (11) Discrete Inputs for PNP Sources

  • Two (2) Discrete Inputs for NPN Sources

  • One (1) 10-bit 0-6VDC Analog Input

Emergency Stop Application

  • Two (2) Emergency Stop Inputs

  • Pendant-Mounted Emergency Stop Button

  • One (1) Dry-Contact Output Terminal, for Emergency Stop Loop

The M3521 Advanced Motion Controller


  • Ethernet TCP/IP -- 10/100 Mb

  • Two EIA-232 Host Ports

    • Keypad / Pendant Interface

    • Host Interface

  • Two threads of MODBUS® Compatible Communications via EIA-485

Software Support:

The M3568 can be programmed and driven by a wide variety of languages, including very elementary ones like BASIC. Or, the unit can be programmed with a specifically designed, commercial-off-the-shelf package in ExtraTech’s powerful Coreo platform.  Among other features, Coreo allows easy programming of coordinated motion, multiple types of interpolation, and sophisticated accelerations.


  • Dimensions: 17.8 x 12.8 x 5.5cm (7 x 5 x 12.2in)

  • Separate Power Inputs:

    • 24VDC for operations and I/O

    • 24-85VDC for motor drives

Specialty connections:

  • Motor Drive Headers -

    • Inputs / Outputs:

      • One (1) Step and Direction

      • One (1) “Enable” Output

      • One (1) “Fault” Input

    • Communications

      • MODBUS® Compatible

      • Proprietary: Teknic® or Yaskawa®


If you're an OEM searching for a motion controller of a caliber seen on this page, have an annual usage of over 50 units, and are seeking a relationship with a trusted supplier with more than 25 years industry experience, please feel free to contact us and let us know if there’s something that we can do for you.