ExtraTech designs and manufactures our own peripheral components, exclusively for use with ExtraTech Motion Controllers.


RIO Remote Input / Output Expansion Module

An expansion product to facilitate distributed machine control architectures.

Two Configurations:

  • Standard Configuration:

    • Ten (10) NPN Outputs

    • Eight (8) Inputs

      • Use in Digital or Analog Mode

    • MODBUS

    • Status LED's

  • A-to-D Configuration: (Standard Configuration Options, Plus...)

    • Four (4) Analog Outputs

    • Eight (8) Analog Inputs


SKD80G Pendant

The SKD80G Hand-Held Pendant allows users to interface with ExtraTech's motion controllers and operate their CNC device at the machine, rather than at their computer.


  • Colored Graphical LCD Display

  • Numeric Keypad

  • Emergency Stop Button

  • Cast Aluminum Housing

  • Sixteen Foot Connecting Cable