Coreo is an intuitive CAD/CAM software suite that supports work flow on your MultiCam machine tool from initial creation of the art to full production of the part. 
Developed by building on 25 years of experience delivering motion control solutions to over twenty thousand machine tools and motion applications nationwide, MultiCam seamlessly integrates Coreo with each machine tool's control system hardware, delivering features and a total platform that sets the standard for performance. 

The Coreo Suite


The MultiCam Foundation Platform:

Each MultiCam machine tool comes equipped with the essential Coreo engine components to operate the tool and perform the processes that professionals need to drive a productive work cell.  Key features include:

  • At-the-Tool Design Edits

  • Interface Options: Graphical or G-Code

  • Industry 4.0 Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

  • One-Click Support Requests

  • Optional Features:

    • Direct Cut From CAD, AI, and PDF File Types

    • Shape Library, for Quick Programming

    • Email / Mobile App Reports on Machine Status


The Complete Coreo Workflow:


Coreo Quick Video's