Coreo is an intuitive CAD/CAM software suite that supports work flow on your MultiCam machine tool from initial creation of the art to full production of the part. 
Developed by building on 25 years of experience delivering motion control solutions to over twenty thousand machine tools and motion applications nationwide, MultiCam seamlessly integrates Coreo with each machine tool's control system hardware, delivering features and a total platform that sets the standard for performance. 


The Coreo Suite:


The MultiCam Foundation Platform:


Each MultiCam machine tool comes equipped with the essential Coreo engine components to operate the tool and perform the processes that professionals need to drive a productive work cell.  Key features include:

  • At-the-Tool Design Edits
  • Interface Options: Graphical or G-Code
  • Industry 4.0 Troubleshooting & Diagnostics
  • One-Click Support Requests
  • Optional Features:
    • Direct Cut From CAD, AI, and PDF File Types
    • Shape Library, for Quick Programming
    • Email / Mobile App Reports on Machine Status


The Complete Coreo Workflow:


Coreo Connect: Serving as a single, common interface to start each Coreo module, Connect also allow the user to quickly connect with machine control systems located throughout the production area.  
- Download control programs & parameters
- Launch other Coreo modules
- Conveniently access status and diagnostic information useful for configuration or troubleshooting.


Coreo Design: Provides quick turn capability.
- Full 2D CAD design directly at the control when necessary. 
- Operators can make small design changes or create a part from scratch without having to go to engineering.
- Simplifies complex programing.  Design in layers to allow one CAD drawing to control the path of multiple tools.
- Program faster - Hotkeys can be configured to match hotkeys you already know.
- Create parts from pictures or sketches with raster to vector conversion.
- Process specific cleanup tools removes commonly found issues.
- Design small jobs quicker with simplified CAD interface.


Coreo Build:
- Applies parameters and tool paths to CAD drawings, converting them to machine-ready CAM files.
- Highly accurate quoting software is reading directly from the motion controller hardware.  Accurately quote a job at the machine or in the office.
- Block/Array nest one or multiple parts for improved productivity.
- Tiered functions gives you full control, but pulls the most commonly used to the front for quicker programming. 
- Intelligent shape and material process libraries, easy adjustments, auto tool paths, and advanced processing all support quick, efficient nesting & optimum sheet yield.


Coreo Command: Opens CAD / CAM files for execution on machine tools.
- Users don't need to have machine tool experience to cut a part.  Cut directly from a CAD file, or even a .AI or .PDF file.
- Program basic fabrication parts faster with a built-in shape library.
- Always know the status of your machine wiht email and mobile app notification.
- Support for job queue, barcode, a smart shape library, job history, time estimation, simulation, and unlimited material and process support. 
- Users can conveniently adopt, execute, and adjust* parameters established in Design.  
- Preview & step through jobs prior to execution.  View real time job progress, and graphically restart within the job file.