RIO I/O Interface Board

The RIO is an expansion product for discrete and analog inputs and outputs.  It can provide your controller with I/O, expand the I/O your controller might already have on-board, and help minimize wiring when field installed on your machine tool.


Standard Configuration:

  • Ten (10) NPN Outputs
    • Ribbon Cable or Discrete Wire
  • Eight (8) Inputs
    • Can be used in Digital or Analog mode
  • MODBUS based:
    • Multiple RIO's can be used in one system
    • DIP switch selects Modbus address
    • Powered via conductors in Modbus cable
  • LED's show power-up diagnostic information


A-to-D Configuration:

  • Standard Configuration Options (above), Plus...
  • Four (4) Analog Outputs
    • 0-10VDC
    • 8 Bit DAC
  • Eight (8) Analog Inputs
    • 0-24VDC
    • 8 Bit DAC